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In today’s highly competitive market environment, independent jewelry designer groups to fear challenges, energetic, self-confident spirit upward, they adhere to the original, ingenious ideas, focus on design, respect the process, to lead a new wave of fashion trends . For the implementation of the  industry-led innovation, advance design concepts, replica cartier bracelet driven by the jewelry industry more sustainable and healthy development; while nurturing local jewelry designer, will be excellent independent designer studios, designer brands directly to the market, Zhongbaoxie jewelry design Council will continue in 2016 Shanghai international jewelry Fair organization “independent jewelry designer fashion jewelry 2016 Art Exhibition.”
The exhibition designer collection of more than 20 domestic outstanding jewelry designers and jewelry artists joint exhibition, through their different materials, processes, and differences in the design concept from all angles to broaden the possibilities of jewelry covered, do not show with ingenuity and artistic charm designs. The exhibition will be the promotion of cultural jewelry, designed to promote the exchange of event!
At the same  time to strengthen the exchange of domestic jewelry designer, the organizers will continue to organize the “2016 Sino-foreign jewelry design teacher forum” activities. This theme is: ingenuity – Career jewelry designer of the road, will invite well-known Chinese-American jewelry designer Mr. Shen Cheng Yang and South Korea famous jewelry designer Ms. Li Hua Yong,  and we share their development experiences and wonderful jewelry design creative.
Insurance Association Jewelry Design Council
May 5, 2016 – 9, 1999 (Shanghai International Jewelry Fair period)
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 2 2S23-2S34
“2016 Chinese and foreign jewelry design teacher forum”
Time: May 6 pm 13: 30-16: 00
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition underground meeting room on the 6th floor
10 bloggers from the beach to the city, to teach you how to interpret white with
Every summer it will not help us to choose the white clothing, as white only look good, but also not the most absorbing color. But precisely because of this, filled with all white clothes appear person, how to be able to make yourself stand out from the ordinary white in it? We have to find answers to this and to find out the ten white with fashion bloggers, fake cartier bracelet let’s look at how they are together in their own way to interpret the white, from what they give us inspiration, let us also be able to wear clothing white color.
Sunny cold season
Isabella Thordsen mix just right for a cold but sunny day, loose sweater knitting needles to help retain the tail of the summer, equipment and soft mountains sun dress, and then feel the warmth of summer.
Summer beach
Lucy Williams this body white with extraordinarily natural and refreshing,  straw bag is also very suitable for summer atmosphere, wearing a match to play, then go up the beach, but right.
Urban Uniforms
White suit in the summer is very popular,  from Italy Eloenora Carisi will set Jou Jou Villeroy maintain this white suit and black mix, extraordinarily decent and charming.
Zina Charkoplia by custom designer accessories with the dress is so simple and casual, so there is nothing better than to go out to participate in leisure activities out?
Casual out
Even if the rush, and you do not need to carefully match the cheap cartier bracelet simple white trousers, the rest on to accessories like, such as Camille Charrière out this simple installation and the background is so colorful wall coordination.
Holiday Style
Anne laure said it was French style with immutable,  but in our eyes to a certain set of white jeans, T-shirt and navy blue dress with a straw soles lazy and laid-back feel.
Dinner date
Such clothing is suitable for the office, but in non-office situation, it still has a dignified and elegant atmosphere, even for a dinner date can easily manage.
Walking tour
Sofie Valkiers often skirt with a naive, simple and bohemian accessories with them, is not it looks very relaxed and comfortable it? Go sightseeing walking, walking in the park is very suitable for small road.
Workplace stress and work away from the hustle and bustle, this is the life of the most extraordinary and beautiful you, Vanessa Hong very wise choice of a biscuit-colored clothes walking through the center of the city, this should also be the way you take off the uniform.
Costume design is to focus on these roles to
Hong Kong designers Makin Ma (Ma key) with personal brand knockoff cartier bracelet 18k gold MAKIN JAN MA (hereinafter referred to as MJM) to select the fifth day of Fashion Week in Shanghai released, may be the most playful game.
Makin 19 years to London, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design after studying graphic design graduate, majoring in communication arts and at the Royal College of Art, founded in London fashion brand MAKIN JAN MA. In MJM brand, Makin set for their own identity is a storyteller or a movie people, the idea of a specific role, and costume design is to focus on these roles to perform.
Dynamic background music, the models were dressed in bright colors, or clothing with Graffiti strokes debut, a bit whimsical style, but the theme is called “the silent sea” – how to interpret such a noisy silence? In fact Makin For the hearing impaired community concern, he explained that the hearing-impaired people seem most likely to be imperceptible, standing at such an angle to describe their sound to the raging sea of imagination.
So you’ll see those symbols and graffiti adorn, to hearing impaired people come here is for the “silent ocean” the most intuitive visual experience. Some handwritten sentences, looks like Munch’s famous painting “The Scream” decor, all in order to express their hearts.
Makin designs often have large profile shape, he wished he designed women’s elegant and avant-garde, and very powerful. Men respect even pink and furry elements can also see a similar effect.
At the same time he was involved in cooperation with Disney, inspired by Minnie big round ears, which serves part of cooperation with a series of dots and spheres to interpret, looks like a garden of flowers craftsmen repair has become such a shape. It looks full of innocence, but, for clothing compared to those closer to an art devices. 


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