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Crystal special store can be customized according to customer’s gender, constellation and blood type crystal accessories, in order to avoid deserve to act the role of the magnetic field with others, still need to put the crystal on top before wearing demagnetization for ten minutes to several hours. Superstitious crystal medical effect, decoration effect, Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Rings in fashion, crystal has become a popular element that cannot be ignored, some brand even introduced a crystal pencil, embedded in each pencil, a crystal, the luxurious taste to the limit.
14 k Bai Jinqun with luxury provided by the 21 gem topaz ring costs 5680 yuan
Popular for many years of crystal in 2008 continued to be fashion icon. Wear function than before, or in cosmetics, this year will be more crystal as adornment is popular all over the world. Crystal cut a swath collage of mice in the 1970 s, the crystal notebook, crystal, crystal phone tattoo one after another, many advocate luxuriant style tide people to have an exclusive crystal accessories. Crystal will appear more this year on the collocation of clothing, to continue writing crystal pop legend. Crystal Mosaic on the wedding dress to the combination of a crystal with lace, has become synonymous with the noble and elegant. Crystal, the new word will be more and more frequently appeared in front of people, in all kinds of casual use crystal patch is a favorite of many designers, luxury and convenient and a combination of crystal emerged not just in the evening and wedding dresses.
Every girl wants to have a crystal of love, and every fashion darling must have a crystal accessories. Do you know the zodiac crystal strategy? Do you know how to use crystal to dress up your this year is the most tide?
Crystal can be divided into two kinds, Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Ring one kind is natural crystal, is a kind of crystal glass. Natural crystal is often flawed, artificial crystal, beautiful and pure, cutting and more colorful. Noble beautiful swarovski crystals in fact is not really a crystal, crystal glass. Due to its perfect cutting and silver crystal light, and unique design, make it become the pronoun of perfect crystal, popular in the world. At the same time, the price of it is far more expensive than the real crystal. But at the same time also more luxuriant fashionable, radiant.
Compared with the crystal glass, natural crystal due to the limited number and restricted by volume and purity, it is difficult to a wide range of applications, so more is made into the crystal ball, and jewelry. Natural crystal has all sorts of color, violet purple that appear, or deep or shallow yellow crystal, white crystal of pure water, deep tea-coloured crystal and opaque powder… Various kinds of crystal with a variety of exotic inclusions, some such as hair silky, some such as flocculant such as cotton, water droplets, some actually wrapped in tens of millions of years ago, some like flowers and plants trees, mountains, forests. Every piece of crystal is not the same as in the world each people all have the self.
18 k platinum quality purple crystal pendant price 1960 yuan provided by the 21 gem
Love the crystal heart
Crystal shows young fashionable gens advocating popular maybe more unique style, personality and the pursuit of natural and pure, worship of the crystal “mysterious forces” and expressed their desire to seek rely on. Relative to gold and silver jewelry, crystal has a mild temperament, crystal is also known as “water jade”, means that the water of the jade. Despite many claims have scientific basis, with crystal long forming process, always let people have a desire to read it.
Crystal in every corner of your eye, low-key gentle natural crystal or flashing the charming crystal glass, crystal, by its unique charm to attract everyone. If you are still wanting more, or you just want to low-key like it, and you too crystal beads chain necklace is too conservative, and crystal tattoos, crystal teeth, crystal nails, and even the ostentatious crystal cell phone these too make public, and to show off for you. So, this type lock set crystal usb is surely can impress you a heart to love crystal.
The legend of the crystal
For crystal people because that crystal can release energy. Cheap Van Cleef Clover Ring Despite its adornment effect, many people believe that wearing a crystal can have strong body, to avoid disaster, and promote the role of interpersonal relationships, and even bring money. On crystal since ancient times, Chinese people have a lot of good wishes, it is believed that the effect of different crystal colours have different, so the identity of the crystal at one point in the health care act the role ofing is tasted much popular. But I believe that people feel good after wearing crystal is actually due to wear after the self-reinforcing psychological hint. In fact, apart from the crowd people don’t believe in crystal what medicine even really geomantic effect, nor is there any medicine crystal can treat rheumatism cough according to kind of chronic disease.
925 silver set topaz, garnet pendants price 99 yuan provided by the 21 gem
2008 fashion wind: crystal accessories
Crystal products not only in fashion, shoes and hats, watches, jewelry and other small adorn article, and the company introduced a hellokitty crystal notebook, Madonna’s crystal cell phones, and even crystal tattoo —
Crystal has been in a long time as there are arts and crafts, until the crystal boom. In 1999, an American couple in the millennium party wear a lot of circular crystal necklace, cause the attention of the fashion world, stylist the stars are in themselves with all kinds of crystal video, crystal that started a pandemic. Crystal appear in every corner, become a must-have fashion jewelry accessories. To use crystal tiles make up, appeared on the eyebrow Angle or nails, also become the trend of hot quickly.
While the focus of this year popular crystal, falls in a series of crystal and other materials made of garment accessories. The smart crystal manufacturers in more than 20 years ago has launched various models of crystal hot paste, facilitate each designers use crystals to adorn clothing footwear. This became crystal clothing by the frame of evening dress, wedding dress, for the T-shirt, shirt, jacket and jeans added flashing light. Crystal more be wedding dress designer’s favorite, in RosaClara2008 wedding dress show, stylist still lasted for the favour of lace, and in order to present the design concept of luxury beauty, crystal jewelry and lace, crystal luster with lace gently beautiful perfect combination, more make the wedding dress, much a few minutes of noble gas.
Celebrity royal favorite luxury jewelry
Victorian jewelry luxury modelling, full of sense of design. Of diamonds and colored stones to make jewelry exquisite exquisite, loved by women and even the royal.
In the 19th century, many British soldiers in India and other colonies, from their homes, relatives and stay in the UK for the warrior wear black miss jewelry “is missing, and became the development of all kinds of black material with diamonds or precious stones and design has always been a popular theme.
Expensive “bud silk”
Before the Victorian era, aristocratic dress up Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Ring the most commonly used lace dress, show the charm of women. When the 1878 Paris jewellery introduced a full set auger foil stones inlaid technique, making jewelry become ever more delicate and exquisite, the royal women to wear, women have never been so gorgeous, silk lace soon be left behind by people. Became prevalent is colorful colored gemstones and black and white color of precious metal material is widely used, but in diamond and gem woven “bud silk” radiant beauty is expensive.
Cameo in jewelry design is also a queen Victoria’s precious, beautiful modelling is the queen wear has become people to follow the trend, then people try different materials such as fossils, ivory, bone China embodies the three-dimensional figures of profile relief, jewelry works is becoming more and more diversified, or as a necklace hang down object, or as bracelets, the adornment of the hair.
In the 1880 s, due to the British in the South African diamond mining success, a lot of use of diamond jewelry works increasingly rich, plus diamond cut more exquisite, monochrome of diamond jewelry is not can make a person feel boring, dazzle the main diamond jewelry become popular.
Victorian, flourishing prosperity, gem types of development and use is extremely widespread, all kinds of precious stones and all kinds of transparent half a treasure, in combination with Victoria jewelry unique craft and elegant shape, has produced a batch of rich and colorful jewelry works, a new fashion, at the time and impact so far.
Queen Victoria when she attend the council meeting for the first time, wearing snake bracelet, even her wedding ring is a full set of emerald snake ring. Then in the Victorian era, serpentine pattern permeates, FengHangCaoYan, become a fashion trend, even today.
Queen Victoria is a Victorian jewelry endorsement, so during the reign of queen Victoria’s countless crown worn by the royal family can gather the most Victorian jewelry features: diamond “extravagance” use, Mosaic tendrils of aestheticism, new gemstone cutting process and so on.
Specially make the red carpet for star image of the famous Replica Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring American expert Michael O ‘connor said: “the platinum is not only a natural precious value, also has lasting charm can be handed down, therefore we had no accident, with a high quality of the combination of platinum and diamonds and other precious stones have become the stars on the red carpet to celebrate and witness the best choice for their own glory.” And the quality of the platinum charm from the oscars red carpet this year several trends.
Trend 1: gorgeous color treasure is popular
Red carpet of tonal gorgeous dress will peak in this year’s Academy Awards. According to the law of fashion, grand ceremony, the more formal, jewelry accessories increasingly diverse and strong colours. So in the most solemn Oscar awards show, rich color and multicolor stones set in platinum in photograph reflect, in sharp contrast with the dress, or and the collocation of flawless. Platinum natural white light can be more highlights gem gorgeous colour and lustre is pure.
For designers and jewelry lovers, with platinum inlaid gems means that these precious jewelry can test over the years, from generation to generation.
Trend 2: sparepart display style
Simple and elegant dress popularity and designers have more opportunities to showcase eye-catching jewelry accessories. More personality, bright and clever platinum pendant to become this year’s Academy Awards ceremony deserve to act the role of the most popular dress up. Platinum perfect toughness can reflect the spirit of the jewelry move feeling, at the same time tough and durable, never fade, these qualities make jewelry designer and image expert fall in love. Another widely international star fans deserve to act the role of personality and quality of the necklace. Amy Adams (Amy Adams) or tara, P hanson (Taraji p. Henson), all the young female stars are enamored of classic and timeless platinum diamond necklace, reminiscent of the Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) engaging elegance. To hope that through the arm to express their own unique taste and personality star, stack of platinum bracelet is their favorite. Lopez is leading the trend, such as a pioneer.
Trend 3: changed hair provoke eyeball
Now the stars are really seemed shining from head to toe – they use jewelry decorated with his hair. Many stars on the red carpet at the golden globes have to dress up yourself with the jewelry, hair accessories, this trend also continued on the oscars red carpet.


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